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Your courage, power, compassion and love is already within you. All I do is remind you.

Reiki is therapy for your energy field (your chi) which can get disrupted by stress and trauma. This therapy can regulate your cellular function, nervous system and calm your mind. When I practice Reiki, my energy is focused on your body and tells me where you need to release. Guided by ancient practice, Reiki practitioners tap into your energetic fields to heal pain, illnesses and shadows by carefully releasing what no longer serves you.

Reiki is a form of medicine that helps you relax and heal your body physically and mentally.

"It's a ladder to liberation, a cheating death in which the mind is turned away from pleasure and attached to Transcendental Self."- Guru Goraksha

Yoga, Pranayama, have been my guidance to healing. I've blended my yoga teachings with the work and wisdom I've learned from my Maestros in the Amazon of Peru. In my practice, I incorporate spirituality, asana, reiki and shamanic breath, helping deepen the students practice. At times this journey brings laughter or tears, which is simply energy stuck into the body and wanting to purge its way out. I work on calming the mind to its natural state so that the student can leave the class feeling ready for their next mission. Clear head, humble heart and strong body.

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Photos by Jerome Hof

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