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I’m an artist, an activist, a feminist, a healer, and a creator. I direct my passion towards impactful filmmaking that focuses on environmental and social justice. I began my journey in the world of film as a young actor and I’ve been increasingly alienated by the roles available to women and the lack of representative narratives for women and the social environmental issue of our day. My main focus has been humanitarian filmmaking. I’ve been directing my energy towards building creative opportunities and contacts in the charitable communities through volunteering by offering my time and videography skills helping social service organizations with no media budgets raise awareness and support. I am also passionate about supporting indigenous voices, centering the narratives, values and traditions of indigenous cultures around the world. As of now I am working in Peru with Quechua and Shipibo communities, giving the elders a platform to share their incredible healing work. I've devoted myself to creating meaningful art, I have been fortunate to produce content that I can stand behind.

I first discovered my interest in making films during my studies at the Lee Strasberg Institute in NYC. We had a filmmaking class.  I remember after my first class, I called my mother telling her I was going to study filmmaking at NYU. She laughed, there was no way we could afford that. Instead, I came back to Montreal and got my Bachelors in Communication at Concordia University and focused my degree on Videography. My first interest in documentary work began after my mother passed away when I was 19. “Looking for Bayard” was my first documentary, which focused on rediscovering my mother’s past, starting with her experience travelling on her own to India at 16 where she became addicted to heroin and began working as an international drug smuggler to support her addiction. She ultimately overcame heroine and grew into a powerful woman and a role model in my own growth. The need to understand her story, and my passion for capturing the essence of different personalities is where I began gravitating towards storytelling through film.

A catalyzing moment in my career as filmmaker was making Stephanie’s Room which I produced and starred in. We had 48 hours to make this entire film from start to finish. From writing to editing to colorcorrecting. This short film with two female protagonist won best film at the 48 Hour Film Festival, Top 10 best film at Filmapalooza and screened at the Short Film Corner Cannes Film Festival in 2016.


Photos by Jerome Hof

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